Convert fixed worksurfaces into Sit/Stand workstations with standUP

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Attaches to all Manufacturers Panel Systems

Specify in new projects
Convert existing furniture to Sit/Stand


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Faster. More Stable.
Save Space.

standUP’s patented hydraulic height adjustable mechanism outperforms Freestanding Electric Tables (FET’s) and Desk-Mounted Devices (DMD’s) on the market.


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Improve Employee Wellness & Productivity

Research shows that enabling employees to alternate from sitting to standing throughout the day dramatically improves their health and office productivity.


standUP for your health

Empowering employees to transition from seated to standing positions throughout the day can help increase productivity and improve employee wellness.

With mechanisms for all major office furniture manufacturers, standUP makes it easy for designers and dealers to spec standUP’s sit/stand mechanisms into new projects, or retrofit existing office furniture.

Your investment in a sit/stand office environment will quickly pay itself back ( typically in the first year) thanks to…

  • Improved office productivity

  • Increased employee wellness & morale

  • Attract and retain quality staff by showing that you care about their health

Learn more

about the benefits of sit/stand and why standUP is the ideal solution.

Why standUP?

See why standUP’s unique and patented sit/stand mechanism should be chosen over electric and desk-mounted options.


Case Studies

See how easy it was to spec standUP into a new project for 87 workstations, as well as to retrofit an office with 127 fixed worksurfaces.


Benefits of Sit/Stand

Learn how standUP can improve employee productivity and wellness.


It’s not how many hours of sitting that’s bad for you; it’s how often you interrupt the sitting that is good for you!


NASA’s Dr. Joan Verinkos