Case Study: Canadian Blood Services


Canadian Blood Services wanted to invest in their employees’ wellness and productivity by retrofitting their existing 123 workstations with sit/stand capability. Unfortunately, over the years the company had collected a variety of different workstation styles from a variety of manufacturers, making it difficult to find a simple, common solution for all.


After evaluating freestanding electrical tables, desk-mounted devices and standUP’s patented hydraulic mechanism, Canadian Blood Services and their dealer chose standUP for the project and as the standard for all their branches. For in addition to its performance benefits, standUP could attach to the variety of panel systems that they had in their different branches. This meant that all employees would be treated equally.


integrating standUP into the project was easy and effective:

  • Flexible: standUP provided the appropriate mechanism to meet the many different needs of the various workstations.
  • Quick-install: the installers installed standUP mechanisms for all 123 workstations in one day.
  • Cost-effective: adding sit/stand capability modernized the entire office without having to invest in new furniture, extending the life of their existing furniture investment.

Employee adoption:

Employee morale went up and some even became more conscious of their posture and of other health practices. In the eyes of it employees, it branded the Canadian Blood Services as a good place to work.