Case Study: Metafore


Metafore, an enterprise software company, was designing their new office space and chose Global Boulevard Panels for their workstations. Recognizing the importance of offering a sit/stand option for their employees, they weren’t sure how best to integrate an elegant, high-quality but cost-effective solution for their 87 new workstations.


Metafore worked with their dealer, to evaluate their options and chose standUP’s patented hydraulic mechanism for their employees.


integrating standUP into the project was simple and seamless:

  • Flexible: standUP had mechanism solutions that fit all the workstation configurations.
  • Quick-install: the installer added the standUP mechanism to all 87 workstations in one day.
  • Cost-effective: standUP costed less when compared to freestanding electrical tables.
  • Quality: each workstation can transition from seated to standing in less than 2 seconds, and the worksurface is as stable when standing as seated.

Employee adoption:

Employees felt appreciated and gained a respect for their company as a leader.