After investing in a Sit/Stand Mechanism, too often the old habits of seating continue.

Steven Covey says old habits can only be changed by repetition of new ones…

but first you must clarify your reason for change… yours is “WELLNESS”.

Make it part of a routine

Like exercising, it’s best to develop a regular routine.

  • Start your Morning Standing – If you start the morning sitting…You’ll never raise the desk.
  • Stand for Phone Calls – If sitting and the phone rings, immediately raise your desk. Make it a rule: If you’re talking, you’re standing.
  • Stand after eating: helps to beat that post-lunch drowsiness. After a meal, standing will help you to stay productive by raising your metabolism.

Make it your own

Everyone’s different, so it’s recommended to start slow and find the approach that works best for you.

  • Work Up to Standing: If you are used to sitting at a desk all day, ease into standing slowly. Your first few attempts at standing will result in crazy burning calves. Work up to longer periods of standing over time.
  • Figure Out Your Footwear: If you’re going to stand intermittently during the day, you need to make sure that you are wearing comfortable and supportive shoes. This is an individual thing. The big thing to avoid is bad shoes. If you try to stand and your feet are killing you, try another pair.
  • Try it for different tasks: Most find it easy to make it a habit to stand when doing short and operational tasks e.g. emails, phone calls, quick blog posts etc. Though when it comes to tasks that take a lot of concentration and possibly time, you may find it preferable to sit while deeply engaging and focusing your brain.