Convert fixed worksurfaces into Sit/Stand workstations

With mechanisms for all major office furniture manufacturers, standUP makes it easy for designers and dealers to spec Sit/Stand mechanisms into new projects, or retrofit existing office furniture.

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Why Sit/Stand?

Empowering employees to transition from seated to standing positions throughout the day can help increase productivity and improve employee wellness.

Increase office productivity

Industry and University studies have established a variety of productivity benefits when employees can transition from seated and standing throughout the day:

  • Cornell University reported higher productivity for individuals who both sat and stood intermittently throughout the day. Test subjects without a sit/stand option took more frequent (and extended) breaks.
  • Miami University found that the ability to sit/stand throughout the day increases one’s metabolism, supplying more oxygen to the brain. The result was increased alertness and problem solving abilities, and a decrease in employee errors.
  • Tony Robbins teaches neurolinguistics and how your posture influences how you feel and behave. He shares how standing will enhance your performance/productivity while doing short operational tasks e.g. emails, phone calls, quick edits etcetera. Sitting is best for tasks that require concentration and take more time.

Improve employee wellness

Countless reports have found that intermittently standing throughout the day provides incredible health benefits to office employees.

  • The Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Joseph Levine’s study found that when we sit we reduce our metabolic rate and our production of the enzymes that burn fat. An office worker that transitions from seated to standing throughout the workday will burn an additional 340 calories a day – equating to a loss of as much as 20 pounds in a year.
  • NASA’s astronauts had to be carried from the landing capsule. It was the result of accelerated aging due to zero gravity lowering their metabolic rate. For humans on Earth, as we grow older and become more sedentary, our metabolisms slow which in parallel slows how our cells divide… resulting in health issues we don’t experience when younger and more active with more elevated metabolisms. NASA scientists have documented that we can prolong the health of our youth until we’re at least 80 years old, if only we stand every 20 minutes to raise our metabolisms.

Why is standUP better?

standUP’s patented hydraulic height adjustable mechanism outperforms Freestanding Electric Tables (FET’s) and Desk-Mounted Devices (DMD’s) on the market:


standUP raises a worksurface 19” in less than 2 seconds; up to 10 times faster than electrical solutions.

More stable

standUP is equally stable in the seated or standing position.
Electrical and DMD options are often unstable when standing.

Save space

standUP provides full use of one’s worksurface, while:
  • FET’s are mounted across the entire underside of the worksurface, preventing the use of keyboard arms and limiting leg space.
  • DMD’s consume the whole top of the worksurface.